Office Fit-out Waste
Office Fit-out Waste

Office fit-out waste

For many years, we've heard the mantra the future of the workplace is green, but this goes beyond having a few plants in the office and focuses on sustainability.

With many employees spending most of their day at the office, more businesses realise the importance of sustainability and not only a trend. Business owners now look for ways to make more impact in their workplace.

Opting for an eco-office fit-out is an excellent way for businesses to make a more positive impact on the environment. Implementing green office solutions in the workplace can considerably impact the environment, change how the workplace functions, and reduce your company's carbon footprint.

What is an eco-office fit-out?

An eco-office fit-out involves green commercial interiors like re-useable fabrics and materials, eco-friendly designs for improving energy efficiency and other solutions to reduce pollution and waste in the office.

There are also sustainable office solutions that protect not only the environment but also the employees. For example, biophilic designs can help purify oxygen levels in the office and relax employees by helping them enjoy the benefits of spending time in nature and reducing CO levels.

Essential features of a sustainable office fit out

Although every office is unique, certain features are key in eco-office designs. The following green office solutions are essential if you want an eco-friendly workplace.

  • Living walls

These walls can allow more fresh air into the workspaces. Besides looking great, office plants can reduce CO2 levels produced during work hours.

  • Sustainable fabrics

The recyclable parts of furniture are important features. Using sustainable fabrics for office furniture can reduce the amount of waste that can pollute landfills.

  • Carbon-neutral carpet tiles

Fitting new office flooring can positively impact the environment. You can swap your old carpet for 100% nylon tile. This flooring option is carbon neutral throughout the product's lifespan.

  • Decorative bark feature wall

You can bring outdoor features into your workspace by fitting a textured bark wall. The textured bark wall is a decorative office feature that uses natural and eco-friendly materials.

  • LED office lighting

Fitting LED lighting aids energy efficiency, and the lighting has a softer glow that reduces headaches, eye strain and several negative impacts on employees.

What is the cost of an eco-office fit-out?

If you want to change your office fit-out to an eco-friendly option, you need to consider the project's cost. However, the eco-friendly design you choose will determine its cost.

Green office fit-outs

Fitouts account for about 40% of the energy in a building, and up to 300 tonnes of office materials get dumped in landfills yearly.

London Rubbish Collection is available if you want to change your office fit-outs to a more sustainable option and need a company you can trust to clear and dispose of waste and junk from your office. We provide a wide range of disposal services, including office fit-out clearance and disposal.

You can call London Rubbish Collection now on 020 37451098 to book our office fit-out waste disposal or get more information on our services.

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