Bulky Waste Collection
Bulky Waste Collection

Bulky Waste Collection in London

If you want to dispose of large items, garden refuse or bulky waste, London Rubbish Collection can help meet your needs. We provide bulky rubbish disposal service, including large household items, in a sustainable and efficient way.

Our services are easily affordable and accessible, and you only need to pay for the amount of waste we remove from your property. This makes our bulky waste collection a good solution for those who want to dispose of one or two items. We also collect different types of bulky waste, including mattresses, white goods, sofas and garden refuse.

Bulky waste removal

Disposing bulky items can be stressful, whether an outdated washing machine, an old mattress or wood from large DIY projects. We can help make your bulky waste removal and disposal convenient, responsible and eco-friendly.

What is a bulky waste collection?

Bulky waste collection is a special waste removal service, usually provided by charities, local councils and private waste contractors, including London Rubbish Collection. This service involved removing large and bulky items from commercial or residential properties.

We collect bulky waste from residential and commercial properties at London Rubbish Collection. Our bulky waste collection service makes it easier to dispose of bulky items, so you don’t have to deal with loading large items in your car and transporting them to a nearby recycling centre.

Disposing of bulky items

Disposing bulky items such as freezers, fridges, sofa and mattresses are often a drawn-out process. Although local councils and charities collect large or bulky items, certain restrictions apply on the condition and type of items they can collect. These options may also mean waiting several months before your bulky waste collection.

Many councils also charge for bulky waste collection, but unlike the private bulky waste collection service, opting for council collection cannot guarantee that your waste will not end up in a landfill. Most councils dump waste in landfills due to the high demand for their bulky waste collections.

London Rubbish Collection can collect your bulky waste from any location in London, allowing you to remove large items without stress.

Regardless of the waste you want to remove, our expert team will arrive at your property to collect and properly dispose of it. We provide several solutions to ensure you get rid of bulky items easily.

Whether you need a garage clearance, are carrying out a home renovation or want to create extra space in your home, our team is capable of meeting your needs and disposing of the item following waste regulations.

Convenient bulky waste removal

With London Rubbish Collection, you can dispose of several bulky items. Our service includes mattress disposal, fridge collection, furniture waste removal, and other services.

If you want to remove more waste than planned, inform our friendly team, and we will happily collect the extra waste.

Items we collect

We can help you dispose of different bulky items, including the following.

  • Mattress
  • Freezers and fridges
  • Tumbler dryer
  • Sofa
  • White goods
  • Office chairs, armchairs and dining chairs
  • Large furniture like vanity desk, bed frame, wardrobe and cupboard
  • Washing machine
  • General waste
  • Bike
  • Large garden waste
  • Large electronic items like a vacuum cleaner
  • Table and desk

We also collect items that skips do not accept, such as:

  • Paint cans
  • Plasterboard
  • Batteries
  • Clinical and hazardous waste
  • Loose rubble

Disposing of bulky waste in good condition

Some charities accept bulky items that are still in good condition. If you want to get rid of a bulky item that still functions properly, you may consider checking if someone else needs it. Before booking a waste collection, consider checking if the item is reusable.

Many charities in London accept old household items and may offer to collect the items from your property. If the items aren’t reusable, you can contact London Rubbish Collection.

Why choose London Rubbish Collection to collect your bulky waste?

London Rubbish Collection offers an affordable, fast and practical solution for bulky waste collection and removal. Our professional removal team also provide a wide range of collection and removal services. Our bulky waste collection covers large household items like unwanted furniture and mattresses.

Using our service instead of a skip service or trying to fit the item in your car provides an efficient and quick solution to your bulky waste disposal.

We can offer same-day collection if you book our services before 12noon, meaning we can get rid of the waste within a few hours. Our service prevents you from queuing at the recycling centre or waiting for a skip. Our bulky waste collection is affordable, and we have a clear pricing system. We can also provide a weekend or evening collection at no extra cost.

London Rubbish Collection provides a fast and easy solution for your bulky waste disposal needs. If you want to dispose of large bulky waste, call us on 020 37451098 to book our services.

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