IT Disposal
IT Disposal

IT disposal in London

In recent times, IT and computers have modified our ways of life. These new systems have made our lives better and made things simple for millions of people, reducing the number of tasks we have to carry out. However, these new technologies have one shortcoming: they contain private information which can cause harm if the wrong people lay hold on them.

The best way to solve this is to make sure that all professional and confidential hard drives and information technology properties are destroyed appropriately, ensuring that there are no mistakes made when it is time. At London Rubbish Collection, we assure you of a secure, effortless and environmentally-sound means of disposing of your junk at every given time.

Hard Drives Erasure and Eradication Services

At London Rubbish Collection, we have years of quality expertise and skill in securing data, hard drives erasure and destroying recommended IT properties. The techniques we deploy at London Rubbish Collection in destroying data are such that they comply with the standards of the Department of Defence. We are a law-abiding organisation that guarantees that your needs are met and ensures that your confidential information is well disposed of. To ensure confidentiality and transparency throughout the process, we keep records of the entire procedure, accurately documenting them in the form of certificates and reports.

In addition to securing the privacy of our clients, we are also concerned about the environment in which we carry out these disposals; hence, we are keen on recycling all the leftover parts at any possible time. We also ensure that all your hard drives are cleared of all private and confidential information, irrespective of whether they are functioning. When we are sure that all the hard drives have been completely wiped, we recycle all functional hard drives for other uses. At the same time, those which are either damaged or rusty are dismantled into single parts so they can be recycled appropriately.

Disposing Information Technology Properties Services

To prevent any form of thievery of information technology equipment and data, we advise that companies utilise our IT discarding services. At London Rubbish Collection, we ensure that data is discarded through various procedures, including wiping out the disks, demagnetising hard drives and also physically destroying the IT devices.

IT properties you should discard appropriately include:

  • Tablets
  • Printer machines
  • Personal computers
  • Computer devices
  • Phones

Reasons to choose us

At London Rubbish Collection, our topmost priority is first the security and confidentiality of our clients; either as an individual body or as an organisation, we deploy our environmentally sound and moral procedures for disposing of your junk. We are a trusted and credible people, ensuring that you are at ease with our disposal techniques as we go through the process of eradicating your private and confidential IT assets or hard drives.

You should contact us for quick and affordable junk disposal services. Our professionals are always ready, round-the-clock, to attend to all your needs. You can reach us on 020 37451098 to book an appointment.

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