Sofa Removal
Sofa Removal

Sofa Removal in London

If you require sofa removal or a professional service to recycle your sofa, contact London Rubbish Collection. We are an expert furniture removal company offering a sustainable and fast option for disposing of old sofas and unwanted furniture.

Our professional team will arrive at your property at the agreed time to pick up the sofa and transport it to a nearby recycling centre. We can also offer you a same-day furniture removal service.

Our expert services make sofa removal in London simple, stress-free and convenient. You can book our sofa removal service within a few minutes.

How our service works

If you need sofa removal and disposal in London and don't know how to go about it, these easy steps will help meet your need.

  • Contact our friendly staff to inform us where you are in London, a convenient pickup time and your sofa's size.
  • With the information you give us, you will get an affordable sofa removal quote
  • Book our sofa removal service
  • Our expert sofa removal team will arrive at the scheduled time to pick up the sofa from your property
  • Our professionals will recycle or reuse the sofa. About 93% of collected sofas get recycled

London sofa removal

We understand that disposing of a sofa in London is challenging, but you can contact London Rubbish Collection to help make the task easy.

We are a reliable London-based company offering furniture collection, waste removal and disposal services in all London boroughs and postcodes.

Our professionals are always available for your sofa removal.

  • We offer expert services in all London postcodes
  • Our London furniture removal is available in SW, SE, E, CW, W, E, N and NW London
  • We offer same-day furniture disposal and sofa collection in London
  • Our experts have the necessary license to carry waste
  • We carry out responsible and ethical waste disposal
  • We certified by the Environmental Agency
  • Our professionals provide office and domestic sofa removal

Same-day London sofa collection

If the thought of your old sofa disposal or furniture removal stresses you, London Rubbish Collection is available to make the sofa removal hassle-free.

If you contact us before noon, we can offer you a same-day sofa collection. Our highly-trained and experienced removal team will handle all the heavy lifting and transport the sofa to a trusted recycling facility.

With our hassle-free sofa collection and disposal service, you have nothing to worry about to get rid of your furniture.

Why choose London Rubbish Collection

London Rubbish Collection is a leading waste management company in London. We aim to make sofa removal and household waste disposal more affordable and simpler. Our house clearance service in London is reliable, offering more sustainable services than other waste removal companies.

When you book our sofa collection services, you are sure to have pre-vetted experts pick up your sofa quickly for disposal and send it to a nearby recycling facility. We recycle all items that can undergo recycling and only dispose of items that aren't reusable.

We can provide you with a quote for the sofa removal within a few minutes and have our trustworthy team handle the sofa removal.

Expert furniture removal in London

We can provide you with professionals with licenses and insurance to remove the sofa in London. After confirming your sofa removal, our professionals will handle all the sofa removal and disposal processes.

We will load the furniture in and van and take it to a certified recycling centre. We can collect sofas from your garden, office or house. We can reschedule your sofa collection if you aren't at your property at the scheduled time.

Efficient sofa collection

Our sofa removal and collection are efficient. You can book our removal services within a few minutes. Our sofa removal and collection process are simple and affordable.

Reliable furniture and sofa disposal

We can arrive at your property regardless of your location in London. We have licenced waste carriers always available to collect your sofa.

Our drivers are insured and vetted and meet the sofa and waste collection criteria. We will carry out the hard work involved in your sofa removal.

Affordable sofa removal

We offer simple and clear pricing for sofa removal and rubbish clearance in London. When you contact us, we can provide you with a free quote, so you know how much your sofa removal will cost.

We do not charge for sofa removal by the hour but for the entire job. The cost of our service includes sofa collection and disposal. With London Rubbish Collection, there are no extra or hidden charges.

Sustainable furniture removal and disposal

Besides simple and clear sofa removal pricing, our services have several perks. We aim to recycle everything, and our furniture recycling rate is over 93%.

We support sustainability and currently working to achieve the 90% landfill reduction target. After booking our service, we will give you a waste transfer note. This shows you that your sofa or waste gets responsibly and legally disposed of.

We are committed to providing hassle-free and eco-friendly furniture clearance in London.

DIY London sofa removal

Disposing of furniture in London can be stressful. You need to get a van, find parking space, remove the furniture from your property and transport it to the local waste disposal facility if one is available.

Considering the time and money involved, getting a professional for your sofa removal and rubbish collection may be easier.

While you contact your local council for a sofa collection, the council may ignore this request. Removal services cost a lot and are in high demand, so you may have to wait a long period. There isn't a guarantee that after the sofa collection, it will get recycled. You may have to load the sofa in your garden for a long time.

With London Rubbish Collection, your sofa collection and house furniture removal will be easier. We've designed our sofa removal services to be convenient for even busy Londoners who do not have the time to wait for any service.

Call us today for a free quote and to have your sofa removed and recycled quickly.

Our other removal services

If you want to dispose of other rubbish and don't want the items to get dumped in a landfill, you can request our waste collection services.

London Rubbish Collection offers waste and furniture removal services to assist you in disposing and recycling any unwanted waste or junk.

We provide professional office and household waste removal services, including the following.

  • Office waste clearance service
  • Complete house clearance
  • Garden waste and rubbish clearance service
  • Hazardous waste collection service
  • Household waste removal and disposal service

Our services are available throughout London, including the London council area, postcodes and boroughs. We do not charge per weight or house but offer an affordable quote for our services. Our services are available at competitive and unbeatable rates.

Regardless of the item you want to remove or your location in London, we are available for the removal service.

Call London Rubbish Collection now on 020 37451098 to book our removal services. You can also locate us at Dudley House, 169 Piccadilly, London W1J 9EH.

Sofa removal FAQs

Sofa recycling depends on the sofa's material. Some materials can get recycled, and others can't. However, we make an effort to recycle much of the waste collected. If your sofa can be recyclable, we will have it recycled.

Yes, you can. You can put your sofa in a skip if it fits, but it means the sofa will go to a landfill, which isn't a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for sofa disposal.

A better option for your sofa removal is contacting a waste collection service to collect and recycle the sofa. Depending on the sofa's state, you can also send the sofa to a local refurbishment company to revive it.

Our staff can give you a quote to know how much your sofa removal cost. However, how much your sofa removal will cost depends on the type and number of the sofa. You may pay additional fees for urgent sofa removals.

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