WEEE Disposal and Recycling
WEEE Disposal and Recycling

WEEE Disposal and Recycling in London

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) waste is among the largest produced waste in the world. Disposing of this waste properly is a huge challenge the planet faces now and in the future.

A wide variety of WEEE waste is available, and with technological advancement, the current turnover of WEEE waste is higher. WEEE waste includes the following, but this list isn’t exhaustive.

  • Switches
  • UPS batteries
  • Monitors
  • Servers
  • Printers
  • Mobile phones
  • Routers
  • Laptops and PCs

WEEE recycling

WEEE recycling is a safe and eco-friendly Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) disposal. WEEE includes any electronic and electric equipment powered by batteries or plugs.

The WEEE Directive of 2012 stipulated that WEEE manufacturers and distributors in Europe are financially responsible for the impact of their product on the environment from its launching to disposal.

Businesses and individuals can easily arrange responsible electronic recycling by contacting London Rubbish Collection. We provide WEEE recycling services throughout London, and our expert team will ensure we handle your WEEE disposal needs.

What items fall under WEEE?

WEEE waste disposal can be household or non-household, including anything from small and large office appliances to IT equipment, lighting equipment, automatic dispensers and medical devices.

Devices available in the market before 2005 are known as pre-historic WEEE, while those available after 2005 are non-historic WEEE. Owners of historic WEEE bore full responsibility for its disposal, but since 2005, the responsibility to dispose of WEEE has been on both the distributors and producers.

The items below fall under WEEE when it comes to recycling.

  • Consumer equipment
  • Small household appliances
  • Large household appliances
  • Telecommunications and IT equipment
  • Automatic dispensers
  • Electrical and electronic tools
  • Medical devices
  • Leisure, sports and toy equipment
  • Monitoring and control instruments

The WEEE regulations affect the following:

  • Retailers
  • Business owners
  • Waste management industry
  • Operators of producer compliance schemes
  • Importers, manufacturers and re-branders
  • Householders
  • Local authorities

Why is WEEE waste disposal important?

Electrical waste contains chemicals that harm the environment, such as lead, mercury and arsenic, and non-biodegradable materials like glass, metals and plastics. When these wastes are dumped in landfills, they decay and leak toxins into the underground water, gradually ensuring the food chain and our body systems.

Materials like metals, plastics and glass remain intact in the ground for hundreds to thousands of years, resulting in serious environmental and health impacts.

Recycling WEEE properly is vital because it ensures the electronic waste gets dismantled for spares or refurbished by experienced technicians instead of contributing to disrupting the ecosystem.

Our experts will securely destroy hard drives following the 2018 Data Protection Act and the DOD standards to ensure your privacy.

Complying with WEEE regulations

Everybody involved in handling WEEE, from the manufacturers to importers, retailers and end users, has a role in responsible WEEE recycling. All European government bodies and businesses must dispose of their electronic waste correctly. Failing to comply with these WEEE regulations may result in huge fines or imprisonment.

London Rubbish Collection is available to meet your needs if you want to comply with the Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations. We offer an easy and affordable WEEE disposal and recycling solution in London.

London WEEE waste disposal and recycling

London Rubbish Collection is a leading WEEE waste disposal and recycling company for households and businesses that require electronic disposal. Our professional waste collection and disposal services benefit the environment and our customers.

If you need an affordable and efficient solution for your WEEE recycling, you can trust London Rubbish Collection. We provide immediate responses to enquiries, never miss deadlines for WEEE waste collections and work hard to ensure you are happy with our services.

We partner with reputable recycling centres and only dump in landfills as a last resort. We have knowledgeable and experienced staff committed to meeting your needs and prioritising the environment, so we only use safe methods for WEEE collection and disposal.

There is more awareness of WEEE in the waste management industry, and we aim to become industry leaders through extensive recovery, recycling and reuse of products, including their components.

Why choose us for your WEEE waste disposal and recycling in London?

  • We have licenses from the Environmental Agency, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, and are accredited by SafeContractor.
  • We work with different recycling methods to ensure all collected WEEE is treated following the current legislation. This ensures a cleaner environment and makes you fully compliant with the regulations.
  • Our services are available at unbeatable prices
  • We also provide IT and computer disposal, and confidential document disposal

Other commercial services

  • Bulky waste collection
  • Office removals and clearance
  • Commercial waste collection

Call us on 020 37451098 to discuss your needs or book our WEEE disposal and recycling services.

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