Void Property Clearance
Void Property Clearance

Void property clearance

London Rubbish Collection offer void properly clearance, rubbish removal and disposal services for domestic and commercial customers throughout London.

After vacating a property, the property owner may need a simple cleaning or a complete house clearance if the property is full of rubbish and junk ranging from food waste to household waste, worktops, dirty wall floors, needles and medical supplies.

If the previous occupant of the property has a Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome, clearing the house may be hazardous for anyone tasked with making the space habitable.

We understand that clearing properties occupied by people with compulsive hoarding syndrome are common, especially in London, which has a high turnover rate for rental properties. This is often an issue for estate agents, property management companies, landlords and individuals who want to re-let the property to make rental income.

We can provide you with exceptional void property clearance. We can remove junk, rubbish and any waste from a long-neglected property. Our service involves clearing dirt and unwanted items from the property to keep it clean for a new occupant.

Void property clearance is usually challenging, especially for people who have not received adequate training and when someone with compulsive tendencies formerly occupied the property.

We meet the legal requirements for collecting and safely eliminating biohazards like bodily fluids and blood. Mishandling these items can cause serious illnesses.

Our void property clearance professionals are highly experienced, and we also have the right chemicals and tools to clear any property.

If you need more information on our void property clearance services, call 020 37451098. You can also call London Rubbish Collection to book our services.

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