Paper-Ripping Services
Paper-Ripping Services

Paper-Ripping Services

The world we live in today is a digitalised age, yet, when your personal information written on any paper falls into the wrong hands, it may be a means through which thieves impersonate or commit fraudulent activities to achieve their aim.

On this note, you shouldn't pick any company you find on cyberspace offering paper shredding services. This is because this procedure is unsafe and insecure for protecting your data and could put you in harm's way, thereby exposing your confidential details to the world. We recommend London Rubbish Collections as a sure paper shredding company readily available to answer your needs.

Field-based Paper Ripping Services

We offer decent paper-ripping services for field-based customers, including businesses, offices, and residences in the areas of Greater London. Our services comprise an assemblage of your junk by our professional and identified staff on specific dates of your choosing. Hence, you need not worry about planning this field-based paper shredding service. This field-based service grants you room to carry out your daily activities while we gather and securely destroy all your confidential documents. All you need to do is relax and trust us to carry out your field paper-ripping requirements without worrying about logistics.

At London Rubbish Collection, we can assist you in achieving the General Data Protection Regulation by deploying our portable shredding team. In this case, a staff member arrives at the site with a motorised vehicle which will collect all the needed data from your location and take them to the mobile shredding machine, which will, in turn, destroy all your confidential information.

Remote Paper Ripping Services

We also offer inexpensive and safe remote paper-ripping services. If you are unavailable on the day we come to collect your documents, we can pick up your documents on a specific day of your choosing to fit your needs.

London Rubbish Collections: A Secure Document Ripping Service

We are an industry happy to give both field-based and remote paper ripping services for both field and remote clients in London who require our services. Due to our availability, you need not bother about your field-based paper-ripping services. We render our services to the following kind of organisations:

  • Schools and Higher institutions
  • Hospitality platforms and hotels
  • Banking and financial services
  • Insurance companies
  • Legal parastatals
  • Health centres
  • Public/ Government services
  • Charity organisations

Breaching General Data Protection Regulations is very costly for business owners, especially clients and partners who have entrusted you with their information. This is why we assure you that your information remains safe with us even in the future.

After each of our services, we offer a certificate of destruction to our clients, offering environmentally-sound service by ensuring that all the ripped papers are collated and sent to an establishment responsible for recycling them into new things.

Are you in need of our eco-friendly services? Reach out to us today to plan on your remote or field-based paper shredding needs, or email us further information on how to go about your junk disposal. We are available on 020 37451098 for booking.

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