Commercial Waste Clearance Services
Commercial Waste Clearance Services

Commercial Waste Clearance in London

All businesses produce waste, and this waste requires proper disposal to prevent adverse effects on the environment. You can trust London Rubbish Collection for responsible business waste disposal.

We reuse, recycle, upcycle and reduce waste from all businesses. There is more awareness of making the largest waste producers accountable for their waste disposal, so the government and governing bodies have implemented strict regulations and rules to ensure commercial waste is properly treated and recycled following the highest standards.

London Rubbish Clearance offers responsible and professional commercial waste collection and disposal throughout London. We have been helping businesses in London streamline their waste management process.

We are a leading waste collection and disposal service provider for commercial businesses, as our rates are affordable and our services reliable. Working with us for your commercial waste disposal is simple.

We offer responsive and flexible commercial waste collection and disposal services. Our expert team can reschedule your commercial waste collection to a more convenient time.

Our commercial waste collection is available for restaurants, the industrial sector and clinics. If you have a commercial business and need a reliable London waste collection and disposal service, feel free to contact us.

We will come to collect the waste at a convenient time for you and agree on a suitable rubbish clearance method to prevent disrupting your business. We opt for green waste disposal solutions by recycling and upcycling waste. Our service ensures your business performs its corporate social responsibility by protecting the environment.

Commercial waste collection and disposal

At London Rubbish Collection, we provide commercial waste collection and disposal services to businesses in different sectors. Whether you are in the industrial or catering sector, we can meet your commercial waste collection and disposal needs.

Our commercial services are flexible, easy and affordable, and you can be confident in receiving environmentally friendly services.

Our commercial waste collection and disposal service starts at £50+VAT. No commercial waste removal is too small or big for us. We have assisted several offices and companies handle their waste removals.  

Most office waste removals involve storage, books, carpets, furniture, paper, fittings and fixtures. We have also handled waste removal from retail stores, including old stock, cupboards, shelving and racking removal.

We have made ending wastage a priority and want to build a circular economy where waste is a resource, repurposed and reused.

We have several clients, from offices to banks, charities, property managers, hotels, schools and businesses in the industrial, catering and retail sectors.

Why choose us?

  • London Rubbish Collection offers commercial businesses full waste management services, which allows you to focus on running your business
  • We work with only 100% compliant partners when we can’t complete the task ourselves
  • We have experienced waste management experts
  • We work to save you money while ensuring the environment is safe

Our services

  • Bulky waste collection
  • Office clearance and removal
  • WEEE recycling

How our commercial services work

Businesses in London accumulate waste and junk quickly, and they are conscious of the waste because it leaves their business area dirty, unhygienic, unsightly and takes up space. Accumulated waste can easily create a negative image, so we work to offer exceptional commercial waste collection and disposal.  

We work on a retained basis, allowing us to visit business premises regularly at a convenient period to collect waste.

Electrical items, generally called WEEE (Waste Electricals and Electronic Equipment), have strict disposal regulations, and we comply with the regulations. We also collect environmentally hazardous substances like asbestos and other liquid or gases.

If you are a land agent, estate agent, landlord, or property manager, you can partner with London Rubbish Collection for waste removals and disposals

How to access our service

  • Contact us

You can call us to get more information about our commercial services or book our expert service.

  • Book a van

We will need information on the waste or junk you have, the location of your business and where the waste is on your business premises to get a precise quote and then arrange a suitable time for the waste collection.

  • Waste removal

Our expert team will arrive at your business premises to collect the waste for recycling and proper disposal.

Call London Rubbish Collection on 020 37451098 for our commercial waste management services.

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