Mattress/Bed Removal & Disposal
Mattress/Bed Removal & Disposal

Mattress/Bed Removal and Disposal in London

If you got a new mattress or bed and need to remove the old one, contact London Rubbish Collection. You can arrange with us to remove your bed and mattress from any floor. We remove all bed and mattress sizes, from single to king-size or double beds.

You can contact us for a short notice mattress and bed disposal, and our professionals will arrive at your property within two hours to collect and properly dispose of your old mattress and bed.

Why choose London Rubbish Collection

  • Easy to arrange service

Simply call our friendly clearance team, and we will send our disposal team to your property at a convenient time

  • Cost-effective service

Our mattress and bed disposal service is cheaper than a skip

  • Eco-friendly service

We have handled several mattress and bed disposal, and we recycle most collected items, leading to our high recycling rate

  • Reliable, trusted service

We are committed to meeting the needs of all our customers and working to achieve their desired results.

  • Competitive rate

We provide affordable mattress and bed disposal rates.

Same-day mattress and bed disposal in London

We can remove your mattress and bed on the same day or within 24 hours. We also collect other items besides mattresses and beds.

Call us on 020 37451098 and have our expert team come to your property within a short time for your mattress and bed removal and disposal.

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