Fridge and freezer disposal
Fridge and freezer disposal

Fridge or Freezer Removal & Disposal in London

Many London rubbish removal companies aren’t authorised to collect freezers and fridges in London, but you can trust London Rubbish Collection to collect and dispose of these appliances.

We are a licensed rubbish removal company in London with the licensing requirement to correctly dispose of your old freezer or fridge.

Harmful chemicals

Fridges and freezers contain harmful chemicals, so we are ethically and legally obligated to dispose of them safely to prevent contaminating the environment. Fridges and freezers are under hazardous waste as they contain chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons, also known as Freon or CFCs, and older models also contain tetrafluorethane and isobutene, including common chemicals such as polystyrene and plastic.

Due to a wide range of harmful chemicals, collecting and disposing of fridges and freezers correctly is necessary to prevent leaking chemicals into the atmosphere.

Fridge and freezer removal options

Our expert team can collect your fridge or freezer during a general rubbish collection, involving other household items or individually. We will handle the heavy lifting and transport the freezer or fridge for disposal, ensuring minimal fuss.

How much is a fridge or freezer removal in London?

The cost of collecting your freezer or fridge will depend on its capacity and size. We remove simple, small fridges and large double-door freezers. Our expert team also offer commercial freezer and fridge removal services, covering fridges and freezers found in restaurants and factories.

You can get a quick quote for your freezer or refrigerator removal. Call us today on 020 37451098 for;

  • Commercial fridge collection
  • Fridge freezer removal
  • Single fridge disposal
  • American fridge freezer collection

You can also call London Rubbish Collection to remove other electrical appliances.

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