Fly-tipping Waste Removal
Fly-tipping Waste Removal

Fly-tipping Waste Removal in London

London Rubbish Collection specialises in litter picking and fly-tipped waste clearance for private estates and local councils. We have experienced staff that work following the guidelines under the 1990 Environmental Protection Act, section 33 and the Clean Neighbourhood and Environmental Act of 2005.

We know that fly-tipping is a big issue in London, costing millions yearly. We are working towards reducing fly-tipped waste dumped in landfill sites by recycling most waste.

We work with many companies and are highly experienced in waste management. Our experience and expertise in waste management services allow us to offer fast and efficient services. Our professionals can remove fly-tipped waste within 24 hours and recycle or dispose of the waste properly.

Removing fly-tipped waste

Removing fly-tipped waste is simple if you trust London Rubbish Collection for the task. We will remove the fly-tipped waste quickly, ensuring minimal environmental impact. We will sort the waste and recycle as much waste as possible.

Our expert team will arrive at your preferred location to remove rubbish on your land and then provide you with an accurate quote detailing the cost of the waste removal. After removing the fly-tipped waste, we will give you a duty of care transfer note, ensuring correct waste disposal.

What is fly tipping?

Fly tipping is illegally depositing waste onto land that doesn’t have the licence to accept the waste.

If you have fly-tipped waste you quickly want to dispose of, call London Rubbish Collection on 020 37451098 to collect and properly dispose of it.

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