Cardboard Collection
Cardboard Collection

Cardboard collection

At London Rubbish Collection, we offer first-class cardboard collection services in London. If you’ve ever got multiple items online within a short time, you would understand how quickly cardboard can pile up.

Fitting the cardboard boxes in your outside bin may be difficult, and while you can take them to a recycling centre, this may be time-consuming. If you do not have a car, getting a vehicle to transport the cardboard boxes to the recycling site may also be an issue, including handling the heavy lifting.

Simple cardboard disposal in London

London Rubbish Collection is available to assist you in carrying out a stress-free cardboard waste disposal. We have an expert team, highly experienced in cardboard disposal and other waste disposal services. We will readily come to your property to pick up the cardboard. We offer a same-day cardboard collection, so you don’t have to wait for long to remove and dispose of your cardboard.

Why choose London Rubbish Collection for your cardboard recycling in London

We have several returning customers for several reasons, including our affordable and high standard of cardboard collection services. We believe that cardboard disposal shouldn’t be stressful. We will come to your property to quickly remove piled-up cardboard to ensure you have a clean and tidy environment.

Our cardboard collection service is available to both homes and businesses that have several cardboards they want to dispose of.

Eco-friendly cardboard disposal

We work closely with customers to ensure eco-friendly waste disposal. Our professionals will collect the cardboard, recycle or repurpose it, preventing dumping in landfills.

We also offer other waste management services such as office clearance, house clearance, event clearance and regular bag collections. If you have any waste to dispose of, our expert team will collect and properly dispose of them.

We are committed to recycling waste to reduce the amount of waste dumped in landfill sites and improve waste collection services in London.

Compliant cardboard disposal

We follow all codes of practice and regulations during our waste collection and disposal. We aim to reuse, recycle and reduce as much waste as possible while offering efficient cardboard collection in London.

We are committed to providing reliable, friendly and efficient services, and we have exceptional ratings as proof of our excellent services.

Do not hesitate to call London Rubbish Collection on 020 37451098 for our first-class cardboard collection service in London. You can also visit us at Dudley House, 169 Piccadilly, London W1J 9EH, to access our services.

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